Kyle of Sutherland

Kyle of Sutherland

The Kyle of Sutherland is an especially beautiful part of the Northern Highlands of Scotland.

A ‘Kyle’ in Scotland means an area where the sea comes right inland and has rivers flowing into its tidal waters. The Kyle of Sutherland has five rivers flowing into it: the rivers Carron, Oykel, Cassley, Shin and Evelix.

Together, these five rivers drain 163,647 hectares of land which contain 61 named lochs and lochans, have 46 miles (74km) of tidal shore line, comprise 70 miles (112.6km) of principle rivers and 400 miles (643.7km) of tributaries. The Kyle of Sutherland remains tidal for a long way inland – in fact right up as far as Rosehall where the rivers Oykel and Cassley meet and flow into the tidal waters.

Falls of Shin, as the name suggests, is on the River Shin and the visitor centre is at a point just a few miles from where the river runs into the Kyle.

Because of its location so close to the Kyle of Sutherland, Falls of Shin is the perfect place to visit for lunch, to shop, and enjoy all the other many facilities the centre has to offer. And of course watch the salmon leap up the falls!