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Falls of Shin Waterfalls & Salmon Leap

Falls of Shin Waterfalls & Salmon Leap

The water falls at Shin would be spectacular on their own, but the sight of leaping salmon makes them even more special and something not to be missed.

Falls of Shin is recognized as being one of the best places in all of Scotland to watch leaping Atlantic Salmon, and the fish can be seen anytime between May and November, with the late summer months making this almost guaranteed.Visitors at Falls of Shin

The salmon attempt to leap the falls because they are heading up river to breed, and to the place they themselves were born.

In June 2011 we will be opening a major exhibition display which charts the lifecycle of the Atlantic Salmon and the importance of the Kyle of Sutherland area to its long-term survival.

So be sure not to miss this new and impressive addition to what the visitor centre has to offer.